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About Us

Aed RobertsAed Roberts

Aed Roberts is a professional child. As a pioneer in applied psychology, he thoroughly understands the original thought processes in humans.

Through his discovery of The Original Mind Journey™, he aims to reunite individuals with their inner child and also to place the conscious and unconscious minds back in tandem.

Aed says, “No child is too much for me! I whisper to children; I must train parents. I am the professional child.” Utilizing powerful, though long-forgotten studies and works, he pulls from them and his own studies to teach children and their parents. His specially-designed activities are easy and fun. The results are extraordinary. By use of exacting eye-hand coordination and the expressions of associations through the language of art, rhythm is accentuated and focus is increased.

Kennon FortKennon Fort

Kennon Fort is a Christian, friend, and father of six children (aged 16-31) who have all been part of the longest-term case study for The Original Mind Journey™. Having aggressively built his own special network of professionals over many years, he says, “Aed Roberts is, not only a true dreamer, but also extraordinary!

I’ve never met anyone else who is so much a product of his own product.”

As a constant developer, contributor, and tester of “OMJ,” Kennon has improved how he shares his abundance of unique stories illustrating love, joy, and creativity. Kennon has much to say so that you can become the real you and be the best that you can be.

Kennon has a long history of facilitating talent, skills, and resources for others. He has put together mastermind alliances, brokered joint venture deals, and created cooperative partnerships for business leaders. He was a renowned pioneer in conducting teleseminars, which largely gave way to webinars. More recently, he achieved the Competent Communicator award as a member of Toastmasters International. As Kennon continues to refine his public speaking and network building skills, he gives diligence as a brand ambassador for The Original Mind Journey™.